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Community organizing is a key element of the California Democratic Party’s strategy to build the power of diverse Californians to create communities where we all can thrive.  Leadership development is essential in community organizing.  Training ordinary citizens to harness their power and join with others to advance change though elections and civic engagement is so vital. As we prepare for the 2024 elections where we intend to take back the House and keep the Senate and the White House, CADEM intends to double down on leadership development.

CADEM will leverage convention to provide the following in-person training opportunities:

Convention Attendee Orientation
(Tuesday 5/16, 6-7pm)

You should attend this VIRTUAL orientation to learn about how to participate fully in the Convention.  We will explain how delegates vote in the Sunday General Session and CADEM officer elections. We will review the agenda in great detail helping attendees understand what to expect.  We will talk about our organizing actions, training offerings, caucus meetings, special events, and more.

Regional Director Orientation
(Sun 5/28, 8-9:30pm)

Only Democrats who will have won their election to be a CADEM Regional Director will be invited to this in-person training.  We will review what is expected of you per the by-laws, introduce the updated Regional Director handbook, discuss resources available to support you in this role, and answer your questions.  Regional Directors play an important role in voting during Sunday’s general session.  We will review that process as well as take a group picture.

RSVP:  Newly elected Regional Directors will receive information immediately after elections

New Delegate Orientation
(Fri 5/26, 4-5:30pm)

If you are a first time delegate or want to get a refresher on what it means to be a Delegate, you should attend this in-person training.  While this session is designed for new Delegates, all Delegates are invited. In this New Delegate Orientation, we will provide an overview of the responsibilities and expectations of an effective Delegate as we prepare for a critical election season.  We will also introduce you to key CADEM staff, discuss important dates, answer questions that can help you to maximize your impact as a Delegate.


All Delegate Orientation
(Sat 5/27, 8:30am-9:30am)

Even if you’ve been a Delegate for a long time, you should attend this in-person training.  In this session, we will not only provide an overview of the responsibilities and expectations of an effective Delegate but also discuss specific ways you can help us win back the House, preserve our majorities in the legislature, gain seats at the local level, and ensure that a Democrat stays in the White House.


Candidate Bootcamp
(Thu 5/25, 12-5pm)

This in-person training is exclusively for candidates who have applied and been accepted into the CADEM 2023-2024 Candidate Training Program.  In this bootcamp, participants will learn the framework for the program, get to know key skills to help them set up their campaigns for success, gain insight from candidates who have won and lost races, and more.  Only candidates that are (1) Democrats, (2) planning to run against a Republican incumbent or in a traditionally red district, (3) and have been recommended (not endorsed) or approved by County Central Committee Chairs will be eligible to participate.

Apply to participate:

Training Squad Bootcamp
(Fri 5/26, 1-4pm)

This in-person intensive training is exclusively for those who have been admitted to the Training Squad Program. This bootcamp will prepare participants to train organizers in a variety of organizing skills. Participants will leave this interactive, intensive session not only confident about teaching the material but also in their ability to help develop other leaders. The ideal trainer in this program is: a registered Democrat, comfortable speaking in front of groups, reliable and will be a great representative of the CA Democratic Party, familiar with community/political organizing, eager to learn as well as teach, and able to use virtual meeting software.

Apply to participate:

JEDI Discussion Series Facilitator Bootcamp
(Fri 5/26, 1-4pm)

This in-person intensive training is exclusively for those who have applied and been accepted as facilitators for the 2023 Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Discussion Series. This training will prepare participants to facilitate small group discussions throughout the JEDI Discussion Series.  We will go in depth about what it means to be a facilitator in this program, what the program entails, how to defuse tension, how to steer people to think about taking action to advance JEDI principles within the party, how to be a stronger facilitator, and more. 

The ideal facilitator is: passionate about justice, equity, diversity and inclusion; enjoys leading and participating in small community discussions; Interested in supporting positive culture change in the Democratic Party; wants to learn more about Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and grow as a leader; able to participate in an in-person training in LA on May 26th; and committed to leading or co-leading 1-3 JEDI Discussion series groups.

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